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Wildlife advent calendar: Day 25: Small tortoiseshell

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have enjoyed following my wildlife advent calendar as much as I have enjoyed writing it! For the final day I wanted to write about a species that you probably wouldn’t expect to see on a list of winter wildlife, but nonetheless is one of great significance. Although butterflies are often associated with summer, the small

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Wildlife advent calendar: Day 20: Hen harrier

A bird that has been the subject of much conversation, the hen harrier is currently causing conflict between conservationists and grouse hunters. Hen harriers were once numerous in the UK but have suffered population declines as a result of land use change and persecution by gamekeepers as they are known for taking grouse chicks on the moorlands which are raised for the

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Wildlife advent calendar: Day 19: Siskin

These small energetic finches are resident throughout British conifer woodland. Populations of Siskins in the UK soar during the winter as more individuals arrive here from the rest of Europe. Throughout the year they are commonly seen in Scotland and Wales but as populations rise between October to March, they become more common in England as well. Usually Siskins stay close

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