Wildlife advent calendar: Day 10: Tawny owl

Tawny owls are nocturnal birds which are resident in the UK all year round. You are most likely to hear their ‘tu-woo’ and ‘kee-wick’ calls during winter when the courtship begins between males and females. The breeding season will then begin usually lasting from March until May.

Tawny owls are common across England, Scotland and Wales. It is often very difficult to see a tawny owl at night and you are more likely to hear their calls. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to see one during the daytime if the place where they perch gets disturbed accidentally. You can sometimes tell where a tawny owl is roosting as its poo is scattered on the ground below it.



Image taken from Flickr user Nick Jewell

RSPB website – Tawny Owl


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