Wildlife advent calendar: Day 12: Pied wagtail

You have probably seen these small, elegant looking birds with their characteristic bobbing tail searching for food in your garden or in the street. Pied Wagtails can be found all over the UK throughout the year, except in the winter when they leave the colder highlands of Scotland. You are even more likely to spot one of these birds in your garden during winter as they come searching for food when their insect prey are scarce.

During the winter, pied wagtails can gather in roosts of up to 4,000 individuals possibly as protection from predators or against the cold. You can sometimes spot these large roosts in urban areas among trees that line the pavements. In the countryside these large numbers are often seen dominating reed beds.



Image taken from Flickr user Smabs Sputzer

BTO – Pied wagtail

Discover Wildlife – 7 pied wagtail facts


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