Wildlife advent calendar: Day 15: Red squirrel

Red squirrels are always a delight to see in British woodlands. They can be seen all year round, including winter, but are a lot less active on particularly cold days. You have a good chance of getting closer to them during December and January as during this time they are busy with their courtship displays. They are also easier to spot in deciduous woodland at this time of year when there are no leaves on the trees. Their fur also changes shade from a warm reddish-colour in summer to more of a darker deep brown in winter.

Red squirrels have now been lost throughout much of the UK as a result of competition and the spread of disease from the introduced grey squirrels. However, you can still find some populations in Scotland and Northern Ireland.



Image taken by Flickr user Peter Trimming

Discover Wildlife – How and where to see red squirrels



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