Wildlife advent calendar: Day 23: Badger

Contrary to popular belief, badgers actually don’t hibernate during the winter. As nocturnal animals they will continue to hunt most nights depending on the weather. On very cold nights when food is more difficult to acquire they will not hunt but will instead rely on their fat reserves to see them through the cold spells.

Badgers are often very difficult to spot and unfortunately most people will only ever see one dead at the side of the road. They can be found all across the UK and a number of nature reserves have hides built specifically for badger watching. If you want to organise your own badger watch then look for inhabited setts and sit a least 10m away from it next to trees and bushes so the badgers don’t get scared by your outline.



Image taken from Flickr user Chris Parfitt

Badger Trust

Discover wildlife – How and where to see badgers

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