Rare video footage shows only known Jaguar in the US

In the shadow of the Santa Rita mountains near Tucson, Arizona, a camera trap has captured rare footage of one of the most majestic of big cats. The footage on the National Geographic Website courtesy of Conservation CATalyst and the Center for Biological Diversity, shows El Jefe (Spanish for “The Boss”), the only known wild Jaguar in the United States.

Although nowadays spotting a Jaguar this far north is a rare sighting it is certainly not a new phenomenon for Jaguars to wander up from Mexico. Up until the late 18oo’s they were often seen roaming the southern regions of North America. However, conflict with farmers resulted in these populations being hunted until none remained and the species distribution reduced far South. Nowadays it is very rare to have even one Jaguar cross the boarder. Experts have said that this lone male most likely wandered up from the closest breeding population of Jaguars over 125 miles away in Sonora, Mexico.

Scientists have been tracking the Jaguar for 3 years using dogs to follow its scent. It has been captured numerous times on trail cam photos and has become a bit of a national celebrity.


The National Geographic – Only known Jaguar in U.S. filmed in rare video

Image taken from Flickr user Eric Kilby

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