Day 17: Newts & Other Pond Life | 30 Days Wild

Once again I came home from work late and so decided to stop off at the pond by the manor house to see what wildlife I could find. I was happy I managed to get some footage of the many newts that we have in the pond as well as lots of snails. I also had a close encounter with the fox which came right up to the pond while I was there. Thankfully I managed to get some footage of it as it ran off across the grass.


  • I just found your channel by searching 30 days wild on Youtube. Didn’t even know that it existed, let alone that we were on day 17! Anyway, both have really made my night. Your production is very professional, your narration always adds something, and you have great camera presence. Thanks very much for the video, and thank you to The Wildlife Trusts for helping me to find you.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s edition!

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    • Thank you so much for this comment! It really makes me so happy to be doing what I enjoy and makes it so worth the hard work making these videos when I get to read comments like this. I’m so glad you are enjoying these videos 🙂


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