Exciting things planned for 2017 on The Wildlife Channel!

Today is the first day of yet another exciting year, so let me start this post by wishing you all a very Happy New Year! I hope you have a wonderful 2017 filled with lots of excitement and adventure. As tradition states this is a time to turn over a new leaf and make a few resolutions for the new year ahead, as most of mine have a lot to do with this website/YouTube channel I thought I would share my plans for the coming year in a quick blog post.

For the past year I have been scratching my head thinking hard about what kind of content I would like to make on my channel and 12 months later after lots of screwed up bits of paper and a few name changes I feel like I finally have more of an idea on the direction I want to go in and I now have lots of great ideas for videos and blog posts that I hope you will enjoy following.

To kick off I have a very exciting opportunity coming up. In precisely 3 days time I will be boarding a plane and flying out to the amazing Galápagos Islands for an entire month of adventure! I will mostly be assisting with research out there but hopefully I will also make sure to get plenty of filming done for a new set of videos for release when I return.

Speaking of videos there is a lot of new content lined up for when I return include the kick start of my new ‘Fact of the Week’ video series which, as the name suggests, I will be doing every week starting from the beginning of February. A lot of the videos I post will be focused on global wildlife but I will make sure I find time to go out and record as much British wildlife as I can to talk about in my videos. I also hope to be writing a lot more posts for this website on the topics of conservation and recent research all revolving around wildlife and the natural world. Internet connection dependent I should hopefully be updating my blog during my time in the Galápagos Islands so I can share my wildlife sightings and other experiences, be sure to look out for those posts in the next few days.

Overall, I am feeling very excited and positive about the year ahead and I really hope that you enjoy following my videos and posts in 2017.

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