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Nature is being renamed ‘natural capital’ – but is it really the planet that will profit?

Sian Sullivan, Bath Spa University The four-yearly World Conservation Congress of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature has just taken place in Hawai’i. The congress is the largest global meeting on nature’s conservation. This year a controversial motion was debated regarding incorporating the language and mechanisms of “natural capital” into IUCN policy. But what is “natural capital”? And

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SeaWorld to end orca breeding programme

After heavy criticism which has escalated over the past few years, SeaWorld has finally made the decision to discontinue its controversial breeding programme. Published today in the Los Angeles Times CEO of SeaWorld Said, “We are proud of contributing to the evolving understanding of one of the world’s largest marine mammals. Now we need to respond to the attitudinal change that

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Can video games be a solution to help raise awareness for wildlife conservation?

Nowadays, it is somewhat unusual to find a house with young people that doesn’t contain an Xbox, PlayStation or some other games console. With gaming being such a popular leisure activity, I believe there is room to help raise awareness of conservation issues through popular gaming platforms. Last year the online game, Runescape, teamed up with charity organisation United for Wildlife to help

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