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Exploring Ile Aux Aigrettes

Ile Aux Aigrettes was the very first place I visited when I landed in Mauritius, and by that I mean it was literally the first place I visited. After a slight delay on the flight from Dubai, I arrived in the country after sunset looking slightly dishevelled. I was met by a member of staff from the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

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Interview with Rohit Singh, WWF Wildlife Law Enforcement Specialist

Rohit Singh works tirelessly to support rangers and protect wildlife from poachers as a law enforcement specialist for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). His mission is to strengthen enforcement levels in protected areas and to coordinate efforts among government officials, field staff, and the WWF. He is also the President of Ranger Federation Asia where he helps to oversee

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REVIEW: Planet Earth II

So it’s that time again where all nature lovers crowd around their TV screens waiting excitedly for the big moment …enter David Attenborough on a hot air balloon! The first episode of the latest produce from the BBC Natural History Unit starts with the drama meter turned up full blast! With swimming lovesick sloths, gutsy penguins, battling Komodo dragons and a chase

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