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10 amazing facts about penguins

There are numerous different reasons as to why penguins are such awesome animals. Their entertaining personalities and resilience to extreme weather certainly makes them a favourite among wildlife enthusiasts. However, climate change poses an increasing threat to many of their populations, with severe losses reported across many large colonies. As today is penguin awareness day, it is the perfect time

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Working with giant tortoises

Having loved reptiles ever since I was a little girl, getting the opportunity to work with giant tortoises was very much a dream come true for me. I learned a great deal about these amazing creatures over the 6 months I was working in Mauritius and the more time I spent with each tortoise, the more I came to recognise

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Exploring Ile Aux Aigrettes

Ile Aux Aigrettes was the very first place I visited when I landed in Mauritius, and by that I mean it was literally the first place I visited. After a slight delay on the flight from Dubai, I arrived in the country after sunset looking slightly dishevelled. I was met by a member of staff from the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation

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Wildlife of Mauritius: Vlog Series

Last September, I accepted an exciting opportunity to work as a conservation biologist for the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation on their pioneering project introducing the Aldabra giant tortoise to Round Island, Mauritius. Since the extinction of the endemic Mauritian giant tortoises almost two centuries ago, there has been a need to replace important species interactions that have been lost within the

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