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The Giant Tortoises of Mauritius

Almost 200 years ago, at least one of the two species of Mauritian giant tortoise was recorded for the last time on Round Island. They disappeared from the mainland in 1735 but somehow managed to survive here, seemingly unnoticed, for over 100 years. The giant tortoises carried out the important role of seed disperses within the ecosystem. By consuming the

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Wildlife of Mauritius: Vlog Series

Last September, I accepted an exciting opportunity to work as a conservation biologist for the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation on their pioneering project introducing the Aldabra giant tortoise to Round Island, Mauritius. Since the extinction of the endemic Mauritian giant tortoises almost two centuries ago, there has been a need to replace important species interactions that have been lost within the

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A New Look at a Bumblebee’s Brain

Researchers have released new and high-detailed images of a bumblebees brain that reveal the regions that are linked to learning and memory. Bumblebees are particularly fascinating because of their ability to perform high complex tasks. Latest advancements in Macro-CT technology have given scientists at the Natural History Museum and Imperial College London an insight into how they are able to carry out these

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